Things to Consider When Planning a Birthday Party

Things to Consider When Planning a Birthday Party

Do you have a birthday or someone you love has a birthday coming up? Now is the time to start planning an epic birthday party! Even if the date of celebration isn’t until a month or two away, if you start planning now, you can ensure a successful party bash. Like we said in a previous blog post, 2021 is the year of birthdays since so many had to skip out on celebrating due to pandemic outbreaks and/or shut downs. At Bougie Bar, we can help you start brainstorming on what kind of party to throw and which birthday party places you should consider. Read on to start brainstorming on how to start planning your next celebration.

Start Drafting Your Guest List
Before you begin figuring out the details of your event, you’re going to want to first decide how big or small your guest list will be, as well as who you plan on inviting. After you list out who will be invited (don’t forget their plus ones!), you can have a better idea on what next steps to review or what birthday party places you may want to consider.

Research What Kind of Party You Want
Once you have an idea on how many attendees you want to invite, next you can figure out what kind of party it can be and determine how much space you need. Will it be a large 50 plus event? If so you may want to consider a larger birthday party place or renting out a small facility. Or if there will be a smaller invite list, you can plan for a more intimate activity or setting. Ultimately the invite list and what kind of invitees there are will dictate which birthday party ideas to consider.

Research Your Favorite Birthday Themes
Every good party starts with a theme, and this will help the rest of your details come together. Some themes to consider are decade themes ((40s, 70s, 80s), luau, or maybe a favorite movie. If you are having a milestone birthday, be sure to check out our post: “Celebrating Your Milestone Birthday” for some theme ideas.

If You Have a Wide Range of Ages, Consider a Dinner Party
Some birthday parties, especially when celebrating milestone birthdays, can have a wide range of guests. An easy go-to is to plan a dinner party either at a fun venue or family home. While you’re planning the dinner menu, don’t forget to throw in some party extras. A photo booth is always enjoyed or a fun bar stocked with more than just beer or wine. Throw in a couple of charcuterie boards, and you are guaranteed to be a party favorite.

The Smaller the Group, the More Options Available
Like we said earlier, when you have a smaller group of 8-10 people, there are more options to choose birthday party places. It’s also easier to move around all together too if you’re trying to visit multiple venues. One fun idea is to go to multiple restaurants for each course. Choose a different place for appetizer, restaurant, and dessert. Another idea is to complete an activity together, such as tubing, canoeing, or a craft (candle-making, anyone?) to really create a bonding experience. It’s easy to tack on dinner or drinks after a fun group activity to make sure the party lasts.

Perfect Birthday Party Experience at Bougie Bar
Your birthday party event will be a memory that lasts when you book a private event at the Bougie Bar. We incorporate the best elements of parties mentioned above, such as the ability to bring booze and create fun photo booth scenes. You can also bring an appetizer to enjoy, such as a charcuterie board. We will take care of all the details and provide all the necessary materials; all you need to worry about is showing up with your favorite bottle of wine. You’ll quickly see why we are Lafayette’s favorite birthday party place. Contact our team to reserve the date for your event, and we’ll take care of the rest.