Let's Get Bougie

bou•gie [boo-jee] (n.) 1. Parisian French for CANDLE

Make Candles. Drink Wine. Get Bougie.

Welcome to Louisiana's candle making store. We guide you through the candle making class while you relax and drink wine!

Looking for a unique way to kick off a bachelorette party, birthday party (kids or adults), group date night, or just a night out with friends? Give The Bougie Bar a call!

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The Bougie Bar - Lafayette Location

Lafayette Location

Choose from a list of our upcoming events at The Bougie Bar - Lafayette and reserve your spot or book your own private party!

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The Bougie Bar - Baton Rouge Location

Baton Rouge Location

Choose from a list of our upcoming events at The Bougie Bar - Baton Rouge and reserve your spot or book your own private party!

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Hear from our Bougie Fans

We had a blast at The Bougie Bar last night! Great hosts, great party, fun experience, unique and different! Everyone needs to do this! Have some quality time with friends, make new ones, and make a candle that you will actually use! The guys had just as much fun as the gals! This place doesn't disappoint!

Jamie Ransonet

This was one of the best parties I have attended in Lafayette as of yet! Affordable, low pressure, and educational! Loved the hosts and was so pleased with my final product that I would do it again over buying a candle elsewhere! Definitely worth checking out with friends and family, or even by yourself!

Hattie Bodin

One of the most fun girls day experiences! We had a blast making candles. Rusty and Jamie were incredibly social and knowledgeable. They were so patient helping pick ideal scents! The votive options are chic and fun. After I took my candle home, it scented my entire apartment without being lit. I’m already planning return trips with different groups of people! Loved this!

Caitlin Harris

What a wonderful day! Such a fun place to un-wind and make something unique, totally personalized and a new adventure in the Lafayette area! Rusty and Jamie are so upbeat and friendly. Highly recommend.

Julana Senette

Great atmosphere! Rusty and Jamie out did themselves for our Galentine’s Party! They were so helpful with recommendations on candle scents! Price and Associates Gals will definitely be back for another event!!!

Ashleigh Langlois

Want to thank you guys for a great experience. We had a girls gathering and left there so satisfied and happy. We made lots of great candles and can’t wait to go back

Donna Moore

It was so much fun! The owners are delightful with so much positive energy you can’t help but laugh and talk throughout the experience. They were also very informative and answered any of the questions asked. I definitely want to go back and already have recommended to friends and family that they need to go make some candles.

Elizabeth Bodin

This was so much fun. The staff was very friendly and made this such an enjoyable experience in making our own candles. Everyone in my party enjoyed themselves. I would definitely recommend this place to other friends and family.

Avery LeBlanc

SO. MUCH. FUN! Rusty and Jamie really complete the experience with their genuine personalities! The atmosphere was amazing and it smells heavenly! So excited to pick up our candles! Perfect work/friend/family party place!

Megan Harrington


Bring Your Own Wine

All of our parties are BYOW so bring your favorite bottle of wine to sip on all night long! And if wine’s not your thing, then we also allow all food and beverages… Whatever lights your candle!

The Bougie Bar

209 Jefferson St. Suite A Laf, LA 70501

Baton Rouge
711 Jefferson Hwy Suite 1A BR, LA 70806

Wednesday - Friday

11 a.m. - 6 p.m.


10 a.m. - 7 p.m.