Top Birthday Party Trends of 2021

Top Birthday Party Trends of 2021

Social gatherings in 2020 left us longing for more in-person contact. However, 2021 seems to be providing us with that opportunity to gather with more family and friends, especially for special occasions, such as birthdays and anniversaries! With that in mind, birthday party trends this year are a healthy mix of social interaction and social distancing, all the while being as much fun as possible! Take the opportunity this year to celebrate your next birthday with the ones that you love and care for with an exciting get-together from this list of trending adult birthday parties for 2021! 

Escape Rooms 

Escape rooms are all the rage this year for your next birthday party! With a few of your close friends and/or family, you can work together to solve themed puzzles in order to escape one or more locked rooms. These activities usually have a certain time limit, and the goal is to follow the clues to open the door or opening that releases your party from the room. Because of some lifted restrictions, these parties are now open at limited hours and availability, but are a great option for those thrill seekers looking for a party that is exciting and challenging! 

Drive-By Parties 

Though some restrictions may be lifted, drive-by parties are sticking around as a birthday party trend in 2021. This enjoyable party option allows for the festivities to still involve all of the family and friends that are usually involved, but at a socially responsible distance. Party-goers drive-by the party location, dropping off gifts, taking pictures, and showing the celebrant all the love and joy that they deserve on their birthday! This is also a great option for those looking for a gathering option that does not take several hours to complete, does not require a larger space that requires decorating, and other aspects of typically larger, pre-COVID birthday parties. 

Virtual Parties 

If 2020 has brought society anything good, it has been the new-found ability to connect with others virtually. There are several programs in which multiple people can connect over a video chat and spend the time together that they had been missing in the past because of the pandemic. In a similar way, friends and family can gather over these types of programs and share time and laughs while remaining distant. It can bring together people from all over the world to celebrate the birthday of their loved one! 

BYOB Art Parties 

Another trending birthday party option is BYOB art parties. These types of businesses offer art tutorials classes in which the party can bring their own beverages and/or food of choice to enjoy while painting or constructing a beautiful art piece to take home. Whether it is a painting, a wooden sign, or some other type of art piece, party-goers can enjoy a pleasant day with their

family and friends, indulge in the wine, beer, or other beverages of their choice, and have a beautiful memento of the occasion. 

Candle Parties 

It's no secret that we saved the best for last. The final trend for adult birthday parties in  Lafayette is The Bougie Bar, of course! We offer bookings for birthday parties along with other  special event gatherings in which customers can enjoy the opportunity to make their own  fragrant, beautiful candles to take home! With a BYOB policy, customers can bring in their own  food and drinks (wine and champagne permitted) to enjoy while crafting their candles. Once  the candles are made and the experience is complete, party-goers can enjoy the sights and  sounds of Downtown Lafayette while their candles cure. The finished candles can also be  mailed to the customers at a later date if they're unable to pick them up later. We certainly see  this becoming the top adult birthday party trend in our area and can't wait for you to check us  out! 

Adult birthday parties can be just as fun as, if not MORE fun than those of our childhood. Try one of these trends this year! 

If you have additional questions regarding parties at The Bougie Bar, contact us at  337-347-5036.