Celebrating Your Milestone Birthdays with the Bougie Crew!

Celebrating Your Milestone Birthdays with the Bougie Crew!

Milestone birthdays are a time of celebration and a chance to reflect on the past and future yet to come. These birthdays are specifically important as they represent a moment of transition in life from one stage to another. They certainly require a little more effort than other birthdays, but it is worth it. Whether you or your loved one is celebrating a 16th birthday, a 100th birthday or anything in between, the Bougie Bar in Lafayette has something for everyone. We have compiled a list of milestone birthday party ideas that can be celebrated with the Bougie Bar crew! 

“Sweet” 16th Birthday Party Idea 

A sweet sixteen celebration is a perfect occasion for a private party at Bougie Bar! A sweet sixteen is a transitioning festivity for a female teen (though we accept all birthday celebrants!) praising her sixteenth birthday celebration. The festival happens on a teen's sixteenth birthday celebration, as the name suggests. This coming-of-age festivity at Bougie Bar will feature a candle-making session with a minimum of ten friends and family members, with a custom souvenir candle for each guest. Bring your celebrating teenager for a birthday at Bougie Bar that they will not soon forget! 

18th Birthday Party Idea 

One's 18th birthday is the gateway to legal adulthood! Free of the confines of juvenile law, your blossoming adulthood is something to be celebrated! Take your 18th birthday party to the next level with Bougie Bar's birthday bash! Leave the planning to the professionals, and spend your time celebrating with friends and family with food and beverages of your choice! Not to mention, the trendy photo booth available for all your memory-making needs! Bring home a custom momento of this milestone birthday this year! 

21st Birthday Party Idea 

At 21 years old, your true independence begins, and you'll want to stretch your wings and fly. You're likely to be discovering the things in life that you like the most, and with youth on your side, you can afford to be daring and challenge yourself to new and thrilling activities while surrounded by companions. Take this chance to celebrate in a new and exciting way 

by making your own beautiful custom candle with friends and family. Also, at age 21, you are allowed to indulge in alcoholic beverages of your choice, courtesy of the Bougie Bar's BYOB aspect! 

30th Birthday Party Idea 

For some, saying goodbye to your twenties might be painful, but nothing beats a big 30th birthday trip to take the sting off of entering your fourth decade. You're self-sufficient, youthful, and there's still a big world out there to discover. Life is settling into a familiar

rhythm, weddings are filling your social schedule, and families are growing. Take this time to celebrate with your loved ones, both young and old, with the Bougie Bar crew! Enjoy the artistic getaway of making your own one-of-a-kind candle, and enjoying all that Lafayette has to offer while your candle cures. 

50th Birthday Party Idea 

After half a century on the earth, there is still so much to look forward to! It's time to do something for yourself, take a vacation from work, slow down the passage of time, and make this one unforgettable. Gather everyone for a few days or a week away and enjoy the warmth of a reunion with your loved ones. Adding Bougie Bar to your 50th birthday plans can bring love, laughter, and memories that can last for the next 50 years! Feel the power of creativity by making your own unique candle that can fill your heart and home with warmth and happiness! 

Milestone birthdays are those that occur during a significant birthday year, such as 16th, 18th, 30th, or 50th birthdays, or any other significant milestone. Because people generally stop having birthday parties to mark each year they become older, milestone birthdays sometimes become large, extravagant events. Take advantage of these milestones and memorable birthdays to celebrate in a big and unique way, right here in Lafayette! The Bougie Bar staff are ready to serve you and make each birthday one that you and your entire party will never, ever forget!