Birthday Party Ideas for the Ladies

Birthday Party Ideas for the Ladies
Birthdays are experiencing a comeback! Typically, as we grow older, especially as we journey into our late twenties, thirties, and forties, the idea of a birthday party may seem extravagant. It is definitely more common, or society approved, to celebrate the milestones instead of every year. At Bougie Bar, we couldn’t disagree more. Every year should be celebrated, and you should memorialize their adult birthdays. When it comes to girls' birthday party ideas, it’s easy to be stumped with themes. This is where the Bougie Bar comes in. We have an overwhelming list of girls' birthday party ideas, and are happy to share with you as you start planning. Read on for some unique ideas to really make your birthday party shine.

1. Spa Day
There’s nothing quite as exciting for a girl’s relaxation needs than creating a spa day celebration. It’s easy to have fun with this - maybe start with a massage or group pedicure and find an activity that will incorporate everyone. May we suggest booking a Bougie Party to create the dreamiest scented candle? The best part is taking home your new creation to use for many relaxing activities in the future, like long bath soaks.

2. Game Night
When you were younger, a girls party idea may have consisted of playing Mall Madness or Dream Phone.. This doesn’t mean you’re too old to still make it a game board night, just substitute with more mature games. This includes Cards Against Humanities, Catan, regular card games, What Did You Meme, and if you have a video game system, Jack in the Box games. Throw in a couple of bottles of wine and the night is sure to be memorable.

3. Host a Cake Swap
Tell your friends to ditch the presents and bring their favorite cakes instead. This can be a unique and fun activity where everyone gets their own cake testing experience without breaking the bank for the host.

4. DIY Wine Tasting
One of our personal favorite girls’ birthday party ideas is a DIY wine tasting event. Typically this can be a costly endeavor when you hire someone to bring their knowledge and various wines. Instead, similar to the cake swap, ask your friends to bring 1-2 bottles of their favorite bottle of wine. You don’t need an expert present to describe the grapes. Instead decide on your own which tastes the best! You can even have a small gift for the person who bought the most popular wine. Or consider a casual wine and cheese board night. As you know, charcuterie boards are all the rage! You can easily make your own boards, or ask friends to bring their favorite cheese or meat.

5. Have a Margarita and Margherita Party
Does anything beat pizza and tequila? We don’t think so. Pizza is the quintessential element for the best slumber parties growing up, and being an adult doesn’t make any difference. Pair that with a delicious and refreshing Margarita on the rocks and your party will be the perfect girls’ night to remember.

Make a Memorable Girls Party at Bougie Bar
The best party is one where everyone has a great time, plenty of wine to go around, and walks away with a treat. All this is accomplished when you book a party at the Bougie Bar! We provide a personal experience, helping you make the best scented candle for you to enjoy, while making sure your whole party is having fun in the meantime. With our perfect location Downtown Lafayette, the party can continue at one of the numerous bars or restaurants. Contact our team and we’ll start planning your big event.