Tips for Making Your Home Smell like Spring

Tips for Making Your Home Smell like Spring
Ahhh, it’s finally here, the sweet smell of spring! The best thing that follows celebrating Easter is seeing all the beautiful colors finally pop up in our yards and around the town. It feels like it has been a long time coming, especially in southwestern Louisiana, as we have dealt with hurricane after hurricane, freezes and epic rainstorms. We definitely deserve the break from inclement and would love to help you flood your homes with the best spring scents.

Our favorite spring scents right now

What smells more like spring than floral? We love floral scents and we are here for it! Two ones we can’t live without right now are Hibiscus Palm and Magnolia & Peony. Nothing smells quite like spring more than fresh floral, with subtle undertones that can brighten up any living space. On the other end, you can never go wrong with a sweet honeysuckle scent. Sometimes it can be a challenge for a honeysuckle scent to not overpower and to create a smooth balance, but it can be done. Make a quick stop at our retail shop and freshen up your spring inventory at home, or make a plan to visit us and make a refill, specifically on Refill Days, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3 PM - 7 PM.

Create spring the natural way

If you want to skip the candles and look for more natural home remedies, there are quite a few methods you can try. If you prefer diffusers, there are a number of different floral scents you can pick from. Our diffuser personally is typically filled with lavender and lemon for a nice, clean fragrance. If you prefer incorporating a DIY diffuser, simply grab a vase, rattan diffuser sticks, baby oil and your favorite essential oil. Add a teaspoon of the essential oil, add baby oil to fill up your vase, and stir the mixture with your diffuser sticks. Leave the sticks in your vase and set it on some counter to instantly fill the fragrance in your room. Another sneaky way to add smell to your home is investing in a few house plants. You may not realize it, but plants can be natural air purifiers. Consider purchasing peace lilies, palm trees or orchids to maximize the full benefit of improving your air quality. Another fun way to fill your home with smell goods is making homemade potpourri. While this is popular during the holidays, it can be made anytime of the year. Simply fill a saucepan with water, add lemon and organic herbs, letting it simmer on a low heat.

Enjoy the scents of spring downtown

Of course, we would be remiss not to also share the scents Bougie Bar can offer to you. There are a variety of smells to choose from, but to capture that particular essence of spring, we recommend the following: rose, jasmine, lavender, lilac, hibiscus, chamomile, gardenia and peony. Using one or a couple of these various scents will infuse fresh florals into your home. After making your desired creation, with maybe a glass or two of wine, it’s always a great opportunity to end your time with a stroll downtown where you can experience spring in full bloom.

No matter what method you pick, don’t pass the season up to infuse your home with spring goodness. This is the season so many of us nature lovers and flower admirers wait for. We hate to mention the dreaded “Hurricane” season that will be here before we know it in southwestern Louisiana. In the meantime, we will enjoy every beautiful day of spring and hope to celebrate the season with you.