Top 6 Candle Scents for Your Home This Fall

Top 6 Candle Scents for Your Home This Fall

Is there ever a time that has been made for scents more than fall? From pumpkin spices to pecans pies to apple cinnamon and everywhere in between, this season was made for scents! Our team knows this better than anyone and is prepared to spice up your favorite living spaces with candles that are meant for fall.

As a premier party venue in Lafayette, LA, located at our convenient downtown Lafayette location, The Bougie Bar is the perfect stop for you and your friends to make your favorite fall creation. We’re excited to introduce six scent combinations so you can get straight to work on making the best seasonal candle for your home. Or, if you like to get creative on your own, we welcome you to mix and match and find the scent that is uniquely yours.

Fall Leaves
First up, we have the scent “fall leaves”. The image of leaves is impossible to ignore when thinking of quintessential fall vibes, and this candle scent will stir the same imagery. With hints of cedar wood, citrus, pecan, and cinnamon - you’re instantly transported to a fall paradise. Choose to make this creation if you want your home to smell like the season.

Cypress Berry
Bring the woods into your home. This enchanting blend includes moss, eucalyptus, mint, and cypress. It will smell like your favorite campfire memories.

Pomegranate Cider
Fall wouldn’t be the same without its traditional toasty drinks. Pomegranate, berry, and red currant start off this scent right, mixed expertly with hints of spice and apple spice weaved through. You’ll instantly be surrounded by fall memories with this selection.

Apple Harvest
Can fall even exist without some kind of apples incorporated within? From apple pies to apple cider, this fruit encapsulates fall like no other. Apple Harvest combines spices and bright fruit notes to capture that unique apple flavor you know and love. This is the scent your kitchen needs this season.

Pumpkin Spice
We can’t create fall scents without using the fan-favorite pumpkin spice. You may recall pumpkin spice first came on scene circa 2003ish, thanks to Starbucks. It obviously took the fall season by storm, and soon, everything became pumpkin spice flavored. And for a good reason too! It is the perfect aroma of pumpkin pie, our favorite holiday dessert. Add this traditional scent to your home while having the benefit of making it with your own two hands. It will be a fall to remember.

Was-what? The name may not be familiar to you, but the smell will take it back. Imagine classic fruity apple cider, and you’ll have an idea of this scent. This mix includes cranberries, apple cider, oranges, and lemon. We can practically taste the experience!

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