Choosing Your Candle Scent

Choosing Your Candle Scent

One of the best aspects of candle making is choosing your scent for your personalized candle. It's also sometimes the hardest when there are a plethora of options to choose from. Keeping a few factors in mind while browsing the scents at Bougie Bar in Lafayette may help you decide which scent is just right for you. 

Consider the space      

Consider which room you plan to have your candle in. Knowing the space you intend to burn your candle in will let you think of your scent differently. For instance, is the room small or large? A robust scent may be overbearing for a small room, but that same scent may be perfect for a large room with a lot of space to fill. Think about the function of the space. The smell of lemon is ideal for the kitchen or dining room, while the awakening scent may not be best suited for your bedroom. Finding the scent that matches a space's utility allows you to make the most out of your candle. 

Choose the purpose of your candle.

Scents are powerful, and they all serve a purpose. So, the question is, what is the purpose of the candle you're making at Bougie Bar is? It can help alleviate stress, improve productivity, relax before bed, create ambiance, or something else unique to you. The fantastic thing about candle-making is that you can make a candle for whichever purpose you have. Burning candles have endless benefits, so if you have a particular intention- you're likely to find a scent and candle to help with it. 

Lavender scented candles are perfect for alleviating stress or getting you ready for a restful night of sleep. The smell of pine may put you in the Christmas spirit, or a fresh or woody scent can neutralize odors within your home. If you have a particular intention, there's likely a scent that can help.  

Scent Category

You can break down all scents into four scent categories: fresh, woody, floral, and exotic. 

Everyone tends to gravitate towards one of these categories, whether they notice or not. This attraction is likely because it reminds you of a pastime or is unique to your style- you can think of your go-to perfume or cologne as "your style." Once you know which category best fits you, you can look for scents under that category. 

Each of the scent categories has distinct characteristics:

Fresh: Think all things bright, revitalizing, and vibrant. This energizing scent can be fresh citrus, herbal, and clean aromas.

Signature Fresh Note Scents








Clary Sage


Woody: Often described as earthy notes of coniferous, bitters, and moss found in nature. This scent makes you think of coziness and gives off smoky cedar, sandalwood, and pine notes. 

Signature Woody Note Scents






White Oak

Oak Moss



Floral: This category is most common and comes from flowers- soft, romantic, and calming. Its scent is often used to mask odors, clean, and provide personal fragrance. Lavender and rose are the most widely used scents.

Signature Floral Note Scents










Exotic: An exotic scent can be described as warmth, comfort, and indulgence. The notes are often rich and luxurious aromas you want to eat, like vanilla, cinnamon, and caramel.

Signature Exotic Note Scents










Whichever scent is right for you, Bougie Bar can help you find it and make it all while having a great experience. The best part is that you can always make another scented candle that fits your taste, space, and purpose at your favorite candle-making event! Book a private party of ten people or more or join in on one of their social parties