Spice Up Your Weekend with DIY Night

Spice Up Your Weekend with DIY Night

Let’s set the scene: you’ve been cooped up in your house, realizing that it could smell better, and suddenly you remember that you can make candles at Bougie Bar! What once seemed like a dull weekend, now feels exciting with the thought of a candle-making party. You’ll have your house smelling good in no time!

Contact your friends who could be down for a DIY candle making night or plan a date with your sweetheart. We have a few other blog posts that can help you plan your date such as, Bring the Spark Back to Date Night with DIY and Why Fun Date Nights Matter. Making candles together is a great bonding experience for you and your friends or significant other. Make sure to book a private party or join a social party ahead of time so that you don’t miss your spot.

Get Ready for Your DIY Night

Make a list of what food and drinks you want to bring to your party. We recommend finger foods, snacks, wine and/or champagne. While choosing wines, if you’ve ever wondered which wines go with which scents, our Wine and Candle Pairing post will help you out! Shop for the items alone or make it a group outing as part of your fun weekend.  

Think about what candle scent you want for your space. You don’t have to fully know beforehand because we will help you out and you will be able to smell all of our oil variations. But you might want to at least think about the space that your candle will most likely live. This might also help you when deciding what container your candle will be in. We have a variety of designs and sizes of containers that are sure to look good in any area of your house.

And if you want to literally spice up your weekend, you can choose one of our scents in the exotic category that include chai and nutmeg. If you don’t want to make a spicy candle however, we have plenty of other choices from other categories such as floral, woody and fresh scents. There are also per-prepared combinations of popular scents to choose from in case you are unsure of what scents to combine. We want to make sure you end up with the candle that is perfect for you.

Continue the Fun Downtown

As we’ve mentioned in other posts, our downtown Lafayette location makes it convenient to continue the fun once you’ve made your candles. You can eat at one of the many restaurants in the downtown area or have a drink at the Whisper Room inside Beausoleil Books. There’s also coffee shops and an Art Walk every second Saturday of the month. For more ideas, check out the “things to do” section on the Downtown Lafayette website

We are so excited to be a part of your weekend plans! We offer an enjoyable atmosphere with friendly staff to help guide you during your candle making process. When you finish your candle, it will need about 2 hours to set. You can either pick it up after your other weekend plans, pick it up another day or we can ship it to you for $8. And when your candle runs out, we can refill it for you! Our refill days are Tuesday – Thursday from 3pm-7pm. Just walk in during those hours and we will refill your favorite fragrance for $20. Contact us for more information or if you have any questions.