Bring the Spark Back to Date Night with DIY

Bring the Spark Back to Date Night with DIY

Let us help you bring the spark back to your date nights! The song “Light My Fire” comes to mind. You and your significant other deserve to have a nice time together without looming responsibilities. We provide a fun environment for creating unique scented candles, with little effort on your end. We want to make sure you have a romantic and stress-free experience.

Date nights at The Bougie Bar could even become a traditional occasion. You can make candles to give as gifts for Holidays, to family members or mutual friend’s birthdays. Basically, just find any excuse to have a date night in Lafayette at The Bougie Bar! You could also make it a double date night. Read our Double the Fun on Date Night blog post for additional recommendations. 

A Less Intimidating DIY Project

It might be intimidating to try out a do it yourself (DIY) project on your own. You have to buy all of the supplies and have the right space for the activity. There could also be some mishaps if you have not made it before. But guess what, at The Bougie Bar, we have the whole setup and agenda ready for you! You don’t have to make wonderful smelling candles by yourself. The only work you have to do is pick out your scent, pour the wax and sip on some wine and/or campaign (you can bring your own beverages and food to the party). 

Our candle making experts will guide throughout the event. We will first take a few minutes to get the drinks poured and socialize. Whether you have just met or have known each other for years, this would be the time to let the spark begin! We will then start the candle making fun by going over the various containers you can choose from for your candle and the different scents available. You will have time to choose your container and smell the oils to ultimately create the perfect candle. And if you’re not sure which scent combination to choose, we have a list of pre-selected scents available to make sure you take home the ideal candle.

Write down the scent you want on the sheet provided and then we will begin the next process. A wick will be provided to place in your container and the hot wax will be prepared and brought to your stations. We will explain to you how to pour the wax and mix in your custom scent. There will most likely be more time to socialize, take photos at our photo booth and peruse our retail section.

Date Night in Downtown Lafayette

If you end up not bringing food with you, or want to eat and drink more, there are plenty of delicious restaurants in Downtown Lafayette to continue your date night. A few romantic locations to consider are Pamplona, Tsunami or Central. And if you want to get really fancy, there’s the new Vestal Restaurant. There’s also Carp Diem for a nice dessert afterwards. If we are still open after your dreamy stroll around Downtown, you can pick up your candle (if it has set for about 2 hours)! Otherwise you can pick up your candle(s) every Tuesday from 3:30-7pm or we can ship them to your home for $8.

For your date nights at Bougie Bar, make sure to book your spot online for a private party or a social party. We are excited to host your date nights! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.