Double the Fun on Date Night

Double the Fun on Date Night

What's even better than a fun date night with your partner? A double date night with you and your partner's favorite duo! When you're desperately in need of breaking up the routine of dinner and Netflix or you just new people to talk to, planning a fun date in Lafayette with your friends can be just what you need. Plus, when you get to spend quality time with your partner and your friends at the same- it's always a good time.

Double dates are a great idea at every stage

In a previous blog, Why Date Night's Matter, we mentioned that it's important to take the time for date nights in your relationship. Double date nights can actually help your relationship too. According to a study, participating in actual bonding activities—aka a double date—with another pair can increase and reignite the passion within your relationship. They state that these types of experiences spark something in you that help your love grow. A fun group activity can take an ordinary date night to something truly memorable.

Double date nights aren't just a good idea for those dating for a while or are married, but equally great if you're still getting to know your date. With another couple present, there's less pressure to keep the conversation going allowing you and your date to relax. If you're with other people you know on the date, you may let your personality shine through even more just by being surrounded by friends. It also helps you gain insight into your date is as a person. As you're making your candles, their friends will share stories and memories of them- giving you a more well-rounded understanding of who they are as a person.

Get Creative as a Group

Candle making is a great group activity that allows you to bring some creativity into your date. Start by helping each other choose the scents for your candles. There are a plethora of options to choose from, so everyone can pick a different scent and compare. While you're making your candle, catch up with your favorite duo. One of the best things about double dates is that new conversations will naturally evolve that you may have never had if it were just you and your partner.

Sip Away

The Bougie Bar is a BYOW (Bring Your Own Wine) establishment, so bring a bottle of wine or any other beverage. Let the wine and conversation flow as you make your candles. Sometimes, all you need is a good glass of wine, a spark of creativity, and a good conversation to have a fantastic date night. To make your wine and conversation more interesting, try pairing it with cheese, chocolate, or even your candle scent. Here's a guide to pairing your wine and candle scents.

Keep the fun going

Once you make your candle, it will need to cure for an hour and a half. Don't worry about being bored while you wait because Bougie Bar is located in Downtown Lafayette. There's ample for everyone to do before your candles are ready to be picked up. Whether the group wants to grab a bite to eat, look at some art, or grab a drink- there's an option! Check out some of our suggestions of how to plan a fun night in the area.

Downtown Lafayette currently hosts some of the most unique establishments in the city, and we encourage everyone to explore downtown. To start planning a fun date night, call up your favorite duo and book spots at one of our Social Parties. It’s sure to be an experience that you can’t find anywhere else in Lafayette.