Bring Back the Company Culture at Bougie Bar

Bring Back the Company Culture at Bougie Bar

Before 2020, small talk and catching up around the office during break time was an office ritual that contributed to company culture. Small talk in the workplace can help put us at ease and naturally transition to more serious topics like negotiations, job interviews, sales pitches, and performance evaluations. The tidbits we learn about our coworkers — for instance, that they play a sport or have an adorable dog — build rapport and deepen trust. Research suggests that casual encounters and spontaneous conversations with our coworkers can spark collaboration, improving our creativity, innovation, and performance. COVID, unfortunately, took that casual conversation out of our work life as most people transitioned to a work-from-home environment. Thankfully, we are now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and normalcy is starting to return- going back to working in the office included.

As we transition back to a more structured office environment from work from home life, building back company culture is essential. This transition may be difficult for many employees, though. After a year of staying at home and being around a few people, an entire office of coworkers can seem overwhelming to some. The key to making this transition as smooth as possible for employees and building back company culture is simple- plan fun out of the office party ideas. We happen to have the perfect environment for an office party right here at Bougie Bar.

Bring back the culture with a party.

A team outing serves a greater purpose to the team and company as a whole, especially during this transitional stage. Here are a few benefits of out of the office parties and outings:

Motivate Employees to Work Towards a Shared Goal

Motivating employees can be a challenge, especially as they transition back into office life. Try motivating your employees by breaking away from the structured office environment and working towards a common goal- creating a great candle. Allow your employees to work together to achieve a goal that has nothing to do with work. You can even come up with fun team bonding activities during the entire candle-making process. You can read all about in our previous blog, Build Your Team at the Bougie Bar!

Give Employees a Fun, Mental-Health Break

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that mental-health breaks are not just a luxury- they are a necessity. Moreover, a mental-health break is excellent for your entire team. When one member is feeling down, the whole team can sense it, and it decreases productivity. So find time for everyone to get out of the office and let loose. At Bougie Bar, we highly encourage guests to bring wine or their preferred beverage with them to the Bougie Party. Casual conversations with your coworkers while making candles and sipping on wine is a perfect way to bring that company culture back to life in a fun way.

 Increase Productivity Inside the Office

Struggling with productivity is something every team goes through, especially if the team hasn’t seen each other face to face in over a year. “Water-cooler” talk is bound to happen once we all return to the office setting. While it’s nice to catch up and feel like normal again, too much chitchat can kill productivity. A team outing is a great way for coworkers to get together outside the office and have those conversations. Dedicating the time for a team to have non-work-related discussions out of the office will increase productivity inside the office. While the workplace may not be the ideal spot for several casual conversations, Bougie Bar is. We encourage you to have all the fun chitchat that you’ve been missing!

There are ample reasons to plan a fun, out of the office party, and Bougie Bar hopes to be part of the experience! We have scents for every personality. Our Bougie Parties are perfect for team bonding, so book a Private Party for your company today.