Build Your Team at the Bougie Bar!

Build Your Team at the Bougie Bar!

If you are looking for a new experience for your company employees to build teamwork and rapport while making their own beautiful candles, then look no further than The Bougie Bar, Lafayette’s new and only candle-making venue! At the Bougie Bar, you can bring your work team or other groups to enjoy the art of candle making while indulging in the BYOW (Bring Your Own Wine) opportunities. You can also bring any food or beverage of your choice if wine is not your style. This can be an excellent opportunity to engage in team-building exercises in a new and less professional setting, allowing for open engagement amongst your employees. Take advantage of the Bougie Bar’s fun activities while building your team with the following team-building exercises:

Building Candles = Building Teamwork

At the Bougie Bar, customers can make their own custom candles while enjoying their favorite wine or other food and beverages. When you bring your work team into this setting, you have the opportunity to show the similarities between building candles and building teamwork amongst each other. 

For example, while an employee is choosing the scent for their candle, the leader can explain how choosing the right scent is like choosing the right attitude to have in the workspace. They both produce something that can seep through the entire office, whether negative or positive. The employee may enjoy the smell of their candle, or the way their attitude works for them, but they must also recognize that not all other teammates may like that scent or type of attitude, and that may result in animosity or toxic relationships in the office. 

Secondly, the leader can explain that layering your candle is like layering your responsibilities at work, where each one has their own smell (or function), and they need to be layered in order to fill the candle, but not over or underfill it. 

Lastly, it can be explained that the burning of your candle is like your work ethic. The more you burn your candle, the less time it will have to burn later, stressing the importance of working (and burning) at an even and steady pace to avoid burnout—pun intended!

Activities While Making Candles

Office Trivia

  • While your employees are making their candles and enjoying themselves, take that opportunity to play a fun game of office trivia. Asking questions to each other about the layout of the office, questions about the company’s history, and others can be an enjoyable way to provoke engagement as well as providing a learning opportunity for any newer employees.
  • Example Questions: 
    • What does the notice on the accounting department’s door read?
    • How many clocks are in the office?
    • What year was the company founded?
    • What is the company’s motto?

Two Truths and a Lie

  • During the candle-making process, playing this game can get even the quietest employees talking and laughing! Going around the room, employees will state two truths about themselves and one lie, and the rest of the room must work together and decide which of the statements is the lie. 
  • Example Discussion:
    • Does anyone know about ________’s siblings? Does she really have three sisters?
    • Has anyone heard _______ talk about his last family vacation? Was it out of the country?

Activities While Waiting on Candles

Teamwork Scavenger Hunt

  • While the candles are curing at the Bougie Bar, your group is able to tour the town, and this is a great opportunity for your team to engage in a team-building scavenger hunt. Splitting your group into teams, they can cooperate to find the specific items listed.
  • Scavenger Hunt Ideas:
    • Place specific items throughout a section of the town like a park for the groups to find with detailed descriptions of those items
    • List commonly found items for each team to find and take pictures with (i.e. a yellow flower, a puddle, a bench, etc.)

Activities After Candles Are Complete

Candle Sales Pitch

  • After the candles are cured and complete, your team can appreciate their hard work with a beautiful candle! Once back at the office, ask your staff to give a sales pitch to “sell” their candle to their coworkers. Discuss the pros and cons of each sales pitch and give everyone an opportunity to give feedback on what selling points they can use in their daily tasks or in the company marketing structure.

At Bougie Bar, we offer an opportunity to let creativity take hold and for customers to enjoy themselves while making a beautiful candle to take home. If you are wanting to make a reservation for your work team, contact us at 337-347-5036!