What Do Girls Do On a Girls Night Out?

What Do Girls Do On a Girls Night Out?

You’ve probably heard the title “Girls’ Night Out” many times before. And while the phrase has definitely come to mean different things throughout the decades, the premise is the same: special time carved out to spend with your girlfriends. In today’s hectic culture, this time can be so precious and important to prioritize. Each girls night is going to differ based on the passions and interests of each group’s members, but the one variable remains the same: this is a cherished block of time meant to be enjoyed with other ladies, in and out of the home. From there, your options are endless. Read on for ideas and fun ways to spend this special time.

Center It Around Food
There’s nothing that brings ladies together as much as their love of food and fine cuisine. There are a few different ideas to incorporate food in a girls night. Some include taking a cooking class together, joining a wine tasting event, or maybe even sign up for a food tour.

Personal Spa Days
Who doesn’t need their own self-care time? A good way of prioritizing this is by committing with some girlfriends to enjoy a spa day. This can include maybe a manicure/pedicure appointment, a massage, a hair blow out, or even a small trip to the pool and hot tub.

Have A Movie Marathon
Just because it’s a girls night out doesn’t mean you have to spend it “out, out”. Gather at the biggest home of your friends, throw in some popcorn, and commit to a movie marathon. It can be a throwback to your childhood with a collection of 90s movies or the Harry Potter series. Either way, you’ll love strolling down memory lane with your girlfriends.

Go to a Special Event
This may be the perfect time to plan an event with your girlfriends. Check out upcoming festivals and concerts that will be coming to your city. Or is there a tourist spot that you’ve never really visited and have been interested in seeing? Now is the time to plan it!

Try a Physical Activity
Commit to moving with your favorite people. There are so many different options to choose from. You could opt for a night dance class or running club. If you want to mix bar hopping with physical activity, you could also plan to visit clubs that would be great for dancing to burn some extra calories.

Don’t Miss Out - Try Virtual
The last year has opened up opportunities to bond and involve friends that you previously couldn’t due to distance. But don’t let that stop you! There are more virtual opportunities available than ever. If you want to focus on food, you and your girlfriend can gather around the laptop to partake in online cooking lessons. If video games are more up your alley, you can all play Jack in the Box games for some virtual laughs. Maybe your group of girls are really invested in watching a movie together. You can use skype, zoom, the app Houseparty, or even use a google extension with Netflix to watch movies and comment at the same time to one another.

Plan Your Next Girls Night at The Bougie Bar
In our opinion, there is a simple recipe for a successful girls night out: drinks, an activity, the perfect location, and flexibility for spontaneous plans. At the Bougie Bar, we check every item off that list. With our unbeatable location in the desired downtown area of Lafayette, we encourage spirits to impact the overall girls night spirit. You’ll learn a new activity while creating memories to last. Chat with our team to book your next epic girls night.