Tips to Planning a Bachelorette Party

Tips to Planning a Bachelorette Party

Truly no event celebrates a woman among her friends quite like a bachelorette party. During an engagement, there can be a handful of events to wish the happy couple a life full of happiness, but at a bachelorette party, the focus is on the bride. It is a celebrated occasion, full of laughs and memories. But if you’re the lucky party organizer, it can be a little overwhelming to plan. Lucky for you, here is a handy dandy “how-to” manual to make this bachelorette party the most memorable for your dear friend or family member.

So Many Choices, So Little Time
It’s a wild time to be alive! Especially for weddings. Antiquated rules for wedding planning have gone out the door, and as you surely have witnessed, anything goes. Traditionally the Bachelorette Party was held the night before the wedding, but now, it is purely whenever the ladies of the wedding party would like to congregate. For best results, using Doodle is an easy and quick way to find out when all invited ladies would be able to meet up. Once you’re able to zero in on a date that works for everyone’s schedules, immediately mark that date as Bachlorette Party time, and inform all attendees. You may want to go one extra step and send a Google Calendar invite. This way, there is no confusion and you’ll be less likely to have guests drop out as the event gets closer.

Who is Responsible for Bachelorette Party Planning?
Like discussed previously, etiquette rules don’t really apply anymore. However if no one steps up to the plate, typically the maid or matron of honor is responsible for leading the charge. Bridesmaids also usually take an active role in helping coordinate festivities, and are included in the overall party.

Keeping It Local
As we mentioned above, schedules can be a hard thing to match up. And if you want to throw in a weekend getaway, things can get even more complicated. More brides are opting to stay closer to home and local, for the convenience of all those who wish to join in. And while there are bachelorette party ideas galore, who can beat the artsy and whimsical environment of Downtown Lafayette? Having your bachelorette party at a place such as the Bougie Bar will create lasting memories with the added benefit of experiencing all Downtown Lafayette has to offer.

Make It an Overnight Extravaganza
Just because you may be celebrating local doesn’t mean you can’t make it extra special with overnight plans. There are plenty of Airbnb’s to choose from including the ever popular Buchanan Lofts for less than $200 a night, or you can even plan a stay at the boutique Juliet Hotel, the only hotel in the downtown area. Finish up the celebration with a downtown brunch restaurant to complete your bachelorette party experience.

No Extra Planning Required
This may go without saying, but one of the best things about bachelorette parties, especially for our overplanning brides, is that the guest of honor does not need to worry about one detail. Of course this means the onus falls on her leading ladies to worry about the itinerary. At the Bougie Bar, though, leave the details to the Bougie Bar staff. There is no need for extensive planning. Instead we’ll provide you with all the materials, instructions and scents you need to make this a memorable time.

Still need a planning checklist? Check out this one from to avoid any planning bumps along the way:

  • Talk to the Bride
  • Establish a Destination
  • Create a Guest List
  • Block Off the Calendar
  • Talk Through Budgets With Bridesmaids Too
  • Send a Save-the-Date Email
  • Be Open About Budget Range, Time Commitments
  • Request RSVPs
  • Make hotel or homestay arrangements
  • Set reservations for the group (restaurants, Bougie Bar, etc)
  • Secure transportation (party bus, limo, Uber/Lyft codes)
  • Make sure entire crew (especially the bride) has booked travel to and from destination
  • Buy bachelorette party accessories (and swag)
  • Pick up a veil or sash
  • Designate decor deliveries
  • Go in a group gift


Leave the Agenda to Us
In a time when overplanning and overscheduling can be completely overwhelming, let us worry about the agenda for your bride’s special night. Based on the time of your party, you can also be sure to plan other downtown festivities and take advantage of our location to easily walk to other hot spots in town. You can easily schedule the opportune time for your bachelorette party here at the Bougie Bar. We can’t wait to serve you and see what scents you create.