Throw the Perfect Party: Tips to a Successful Private Event

Throw the Perfect Party: Tips to a Successful Private Event

Private events are quickly becoming the most preferred way to celebrate amongst friends and families. The challenge, though, can be finding the perfect venue who can offer a reasonable rate for your party. Finding that perfect venue in Lafayette and surrounding areas may take a little research, but there are many spaces that offer a unique and exquisite experience, such as the Bougie Bar. Securing the venue is just one step of the process. In order to plan the perfect event, there are some details to consider. Read on to learn the best way to throw the most unforgettable get-together.

Step One: Finalize Your Guest List
This is the most important step to begin, even before choosing what kind of party you wish to host. How many guests are invited will influence your venue needs or party activities. Is this a girls’ or guys’ night out? Maybe instead an event for couples? If the latter, make sure you leave extra room on your list for “plus ones”. If you need some help getting started, check out one of these free templates from The Spruce to start building your guest list. (Although the lists are intended for wedding guests, it’s very easy to edit and use for your own party.)

Step Two: Consider Venue Locations
Like we mentioned before, private parties are gaining more popularity and for good reason. It’s the best way to ensure an intimate setting, even when inviting a larger group. You’ll want to also consider the locations of the majority of your guests. If the majority are out of town, hosting something local only to you doesn’t make as much sense. Or if you do have the kind of event that requires non-local guests, securing a venue also near a hotel or other lodging will be convenient and considerate.

On that note, you may also want to tour the specific area your venue is in. Are there walkable bars/restaurants/entertainment areas for a potential after-party if guests are interested? If you foresee guests wanting to extend their night, picking a venue where there is no walkability isn’t going to be a great choice.

Step Three: Pick a Theme
Don’t overthink this part. Some parties required a more detailed theme such as a bridal or baby shower. Others are a theme itself including bachelorette parties or birthday parties. Deciding on what kind of theme you envision will help with purchasing decorations and other party items as it gets closer to your event.

Step Four: Build a Party Playlist
Don’t forget the party playlist! It may be the background, but the playlist is important to setting the mood. If choosing or building a playlist isn’t your talent, one of our favorite party playlists right now on spotify is “Lofi hip hop music - beats to relax/study to”.

Step Five: Consider Throwing in an Activity
While many parties center around socializing and eating and drinking, some of the most fun parties offer a unique twist. It is easier for people to relax, open up, and share more laughter when there is a shared activity. Ideas can be playing party golf, making a candle, taking a cooking class, etc. If you still prefer to find something to do for a home party, downloading the Jackbox Party Pack on a video game console is guaranteed to be a party favorite.

Step Six: Decorations and Food

When choosing a venue, one important thing to ask is if food can be brought in from a different vendor. Sometimes that can make an event way more expensive than first planned, if the answer is no, even if the rental fee looks reasonable. After you decide how food and beverages will be catered, the last step is to buy decorations that are suitable for your event. Show up early on the day of your party to decorate, add music, meet the caterers, and enjoy your well-planned celebration.

The Bougie Bar Are Your Party People
If you’re a little exhausted after reading each step, we don’t blame you. That is why we are happy for you to leave the details to us, and all you have to worry about is selecting the perfect date for your favorite people. Bachelorette, couples’ night, birthday, wedding shower--we do it all, with a twist. Like mentioned above, the best private parties are centered around an activity, and making your wax creation with us is sure to be unforgettable. We encourage all guests to bring their bottle of wine, and we welcome outside hors d'oeuvres if you so feel inclined. Finally, our location is unbeatable in downtown Lafayette, perfect for you and your guests to keep the party going after you are done making your unique party favor. We’d love to chat and make this a party you will always remember.