Mother’s Day Social Party with Rêve Coffee Roasters

Mother’s Day Social Party with Rêve Coffee Roasters

Mother’s Day will be here before you know it. Therefore, it’s time to start thinking of a unique mother’s Day gift that is as amazing as that special woman in your life. The traditional gift of flowers is a nice touch, but how about giving mom what she really wants- a fun, relaxing experience. A mother’s day date filled with creativity, coffee, and her very own candle to take home is sure to do just that and put on a smile on her face.


Our Mother’s Day Social Party with Rêve Coffee Roasters, Sunday, May 9th, from 10am – 12pm, can provide that perfect Mother’s Day event that she’s sure to remember. Not only will guests be able to make and take home their own candle, but also they’ll be to sip on delicious coffee while they enjoy the whole Bougie experience. Whether mom wants to attend with her children that are ten or older, her partner, or with a group of moms, she’ll appreciate the quality time spent with loved ones.

The best part about gifting a Bougie Bar outing for any occasion is that you get the physical gift of their handmade candle in addition to a one-of-a-kind experience. In recent years, the gift market has seen a shift from gifts of a material nature to those that provide an experience. There are ample reasons that experience gifts are a great choice. 

The Gift of Experience

Making Memories

One of the most incredible things about experience gifts is that you’ll often be doing something with a friend, family member, or loved one. The candle-making experience is ideal for spending quality time with one another and making memories. Memories are much more precious than materialistic gifts and will give a sense of happiness like no other. Most of all, they are entirely irreplaceable, giving them a very high value.


An experience gift will always be unique, while others are gifted the same opportunity; everyone can make a Bougie event individual and unique to them. You can choose your own scent, have a different group dynamic every time you go, and take advantage of special events- like the Mother’s Day Social Party.

It’s Easy

After you’ve done the work of researching the experience and purchasing it, your job as the gift giver is done. The thoughtfulness that goes into the planning and purchasing of an occasion is a large part of the gift itself, the receiver will appreciate the time and effort you’ve spent researching the activity, and you can do all the planning from the comfort of your own home.

 It’s the Gift the Keeps on Giving

The gift of an experience keeps on giving. From the moment the surprise is revealed and continues long after the experience has passed. Your mom will never forget the time spent with you. Even better, they can remember their experience long after by lighting their candle from Bougie Bar. As mentioned in a previous blog, studies have shown that scent helps trigger memories.


Science has continuously proven that experiences are invaluable to our happiness levels. While a material gift may bring you happiness in the short term, an adventure, activity, or experience will bring you a longer-term high that will benefit your mental well-being. The act of sharing an experience with another also stimulates the release of happy endorphins within your body, as does sharing your stories and memories with others when you return.

About Rêve Coffee Roasters

We’re happy to partner with our Downtown Lafayette neighbors, Rêve Coffee Roasters, for this event. They are Acadiana’s premiere micro coffee roaster and put their passion for coffee into every brew. Find out more about them here.

Spots are limited for our Mother’s Day Social Party on May 9th from 10am- 12pm, so book one for your mom today!