Lighting the Way in October

Lighting the Way in October

Limited-Edition Candle for Breast Cancer Awareness 

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, The Bougie Bar proudly presents our limited edition candle, “Calm Your Tits.” Crafted with unwavering dedication, each “Calm Your Tits” candle carries within it a story of hope, a testament to the power of unity. With every purchase, you acquire a meticulously crafted candle and become a part of a more significant journey toward a future free from the shadows of breast cancer. 

calm your tits breast cancer candle

Partnerships for a Purpose 

Teaming up with La Femme Lingerie, we birthed the “Calm Your Tits” candle—a symbol of steadfast support. Every cent from these candles will be donated to Miles Perret Cancer Services, where vital assistance is extended to those navigating the labyrinth of cancer. 

When we learned of La Femme’s extraordinary efforts to empower individuals at Miles Perret during their breast cancer journeys by fitting them in new bras after having their specific cancer treatments, we knew we had to be a part of this remarkable cause. Breast cancer is a chapter in the lives of many within our Bougie Bar family, making this endeavor deeply personal. 


Voices of Strength 

For Rusty and Jamie Phillips, the brilliant minds behind The Bougie Bar, this cause hits remarkably close to home. Rusty’s mother fought a courageous battle against non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. At the same time, Jamie’s stepmother, too, faced the challenges of breast cancer, seeking solace and unwavering support at Miles Perret. 

“I can’t fathom the emotional weight that brave women like my mother bear, not only battling cancer but also losing their hair. Donating these proceeds is deeply personal for us.” – Rusty Phillips. 

Our Baton Rouge store manager, Holly Alello, carries her own stories—her mother, grandmother, and best friend, all touched by breast cancer. October is a month of purpose for her, a time to amplify awareness of this ruthless disease both in her personal life and through her work. 

“Since I started at The Bougie Bar, the owners have wholeheartedly supported and celebrated my endeavors to raise awareness for breast cancer.” – Holly Alello. 

Thanks to Holly’s dedication, this marks The Bougie Bar’s second year in active participation in Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

calm your tits breast cancer candle

About "Calm Your Tits" 

Within the flicker of “Calm Your Tits,” we uncover an abundance of strength and comfort. This lavender and linen-scented candle is more than a vessel—it’s a symphony of resilience and a tribute to the unconquerable spirit of breast cancer survivors.  

For those unable to acquire a candle, you can still make a meaningful impact by visiting Mile Perret Cancer Services and contributing directly. 

The Bougie Bar Breast Cancer  team photo

With “Calm Your Tits,” we’re not just offering a candle; we’re extending awareness, support, and linking a cause that touches us all. Together, let’s kindle the path towards a brighter, healthier future.