Holiday Office Party Ideas for 2020

Holiday Office Party Ideas for 2020

Tis the season for celebration! Holiday office parties are something most employees look forward to each year. Employees love the opportunity to gather with one another outside the office and have grown to even expect some sort of holiday party. If you are a business owner, you likely understand the importance of team building and bringing employees together. It adds to the moral and creates a corporate culture that is necessary for a thriving work environment. Holiday office parties are the perfect way to accomplish this! Everyone loves to party, but the planning is not always so easy. What do you do for an office holiday party in the middle of a worldwide pandemic? 2020 has certainly made things interesting and created a new challenge to gathering in large groups to celebrate. Below we explore some holiday office party ideas that are simple and will ensure a good time for all who attend!

Bougie Bar

Bougie Bar offers private party bookings for the perfect candle making experience. This unique holiday experience is one your staff will love. Bring your own wine, make memories with fun photos, and celebrate the holidays with Bougie Bar! 

Office Party - Homestyle

There are still some venues allowing bookings for holiday parties so if you are a small business that meets capacity requirements, booking a standard party with a DJ and dinner could work for you! If not, consider turning your office into the party zone and having it catered or even opening up your home for a fun holiday night.

Office Olympics

If you are unable to find the space for an actual party this year, consider a “Holiday Day” at the office that includes fun games and events. Office Olympics is sure to be way more fun than you anticipate. Create a schedule, split your office up into teams and be sure to keep score. Competition always makes things interesting. Some fun office Olympic event ideas include swivel chair relay races, human tic tac toe, video games, rubber band archery & more. 

Office Potluck

While it may not be a full blown party, everyone enjoys good food. An office potluck can be a fun way to kick back and relax with employees and get a full holiday belly. Throw in some office brews and you may find your crew having their own holiday party right there in the office. 

Outdoor Dinner with Karaoke

Find a local restaurant that allows outdoor dining and book your party there. Set up Karaoke, dine and watch your crew cut loose. It may not be your traditional holiday party, but free food and Karaoke is hard for employees to pass up!

Family Work Day

Turn your office into Santa’s workshop for a day and invite your team’s spouses and children. Hire a Santa, get a photo booth, create some crafts and brew up the hot chocolate. Your employees will appreciate your effort to include their loved ones and will of course love the afternoon off.

Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

If your holiday party can’t be what it normally is this year, add a fun twist - Ugly Sweater Contest. Ugly Christmas Sweaters are historically fun and can get pretty competitive! Encourage your employees to show up in their best attire and be sure to hand out prizes to your winners. Who knows, it could become an annual tradition that continues on.

Regardless of which direction you decide to take for your holiday office party this year, the Bougie Bar team would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday!