Elevating Experiences with Custom Candles

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In today's bustling retail landscape, delivering a personalized and memorable customer experience is our top priority. A shining example of this customer-centric approach can be found at yours truly, The Bougie Bar! Our two locations are a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Downtown Lafayette and Mid City Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Beyond offering exquisite candles, we provide an immersive experience where patrons step into the role of creators, leaving with a customized keepsake.

Our dedication to this unique experience was highlighted in a recent podcast episode, It’s Acadiana: Out to Lunch. Co-owner Rusty Phillips joined their host, Christiaan Mader, and Meaghan McCarron, the owner of La Femme, to discuss the extraordinary services and experiences that our two local companies bring to our communities - including our exciting DIY candle-making adventure! 


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Listen to the Podcast!

For a deeper dive into The Bougie Bar and the creative vision of founders Rusty and Jamie Phillips, we invite you to listen to the insightful podcast episode. Click here to tune in now.

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The Bougie Bar Experience! 

At The Bougie Bar, our candle-making experience transcends DIY crafts; we transform it into a memorable event. Groups can reserve time at our charming shops, bringing their favorite snacks and beverages to savor while immersing themselves in the world of custom candle creations. This hands-on approach empowers customers to craft their personalized fragrances, resulting in a truly unique experience.

Our offerings also extend beyond just candles, featuring a curated selection of stylish shirts, delightful mugs, sassy greeting cards, and more! It's more than just a store; it's a destination for those seeking a distinctive, sensory-rich experience.


Group Activities, Unforgettable Events, & More!

The Bougie Bar stands as a testament to the potential of retail when driven by passion, creativity, and a commitment to exceptional customer experiences. Our dedicated team has elevated the candle-making process into a captivating event, giving patrons a sense of ownership over their unique creations. We're not just a shop; we're a place where memories are crafted and cherished keepsakes are born.

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Embark on your own journey at The Bougie Bar and unlock the magic of personalized candle-making. Whether you're seeking group activities in Lafayette or Baton Rouge, unforgettable events, or the best in group craft ideas, The Bougie Bar is your ultimate destination. Explore our offerings and craft your own candles under the guidance of our candle-making experts. Book your session today and let your creativity shine!