DIY Valentine's Day at Bougie Bar

DIY Valentine's Day at Bougie Bar

Are you still looking for a fun Valentine's Day idea for you and your better half? Look no further because Bougie Bar has you covered with their Valentine's Day Social Parties. Sure, a Netflix date night sounds great but make this holiday extra special by heading to your local candle-making store for a unique experience with your partner. The experience is unique and will allow you to know your "person" just a little better.

Often there is a lot of pressure on making Valentine's Day perfect for your better half, but the most important aspect of any date is making it meaningful and spending uninterrupted time with one another. A hands-on experience like the Valentine's Day Social Parties does just that. A DIY activity like candle making goes beyond your average date night because you are working together to make something unique to the both of you. Step outside the box for this extra special date night to make it memorable.

Make it a meaningful experience.

Start the date by picking out your favorite bottle of wine, drink of choice, or your favorite treat to bring with you to Bougie Bar. While pairing wine or treats with the candle making process is completely optional, it's highly encouraged! Once you arrive, pick your fragrances to make your custom scented candles using your creative freedom to combine any two scents you'd like. You may even be surprised at which scents are your partners' favorite. You can make this part an extra romantic gesture by picking scents that remind you of your first date, a favorite vacation, or anything meaningful to your relationship. The creative process of making a candle together allows you and your partner to share quality time together. It can actually bring you closer as a couple.

The best part about making a candle together is that experience doesn't stop once you leave the candle shop. You can bring the special scent home with you and always be reminded of your romantic date night. We save those special bottles of wine or chocolates for romantic nights together, so why not save that candle for those special times. When you decide that you and your partner need another DIY experience or memorable candle, you don't have to wait another year for Valentine's Day. Just head over to Bougie Bar for another creative date night!

You do not want to miss out on a truly memorable Valentine's Day at Bougie Bar, so book your spot before it's too late! There are two convenient times available on Sunday, February 14th: 10am – 12pm and 4pm – 6pm.