Date Night Ideas - Celebrating National Couples Day

Date Night at The Bougie Bar

August 18th is officially National Couples Day! Although there seems to be a new “national something day” each month, Bougie Bar got excited about this one. If you have been fortunate enough to find the one you love, you understand the importance of showing your appreciation for them year around, but who doesn’t love an extra excuse for a date night? If you have been searching for date night ideas in Lafayette in preparation for National Couples Day, this post is for you. Stay tuned to the end to learn about our BOGO Date Night Event in celebration of this year's National Couple Day.

Why Date Night?

When you first meet that special someone, frequent date nights and even day dates are a part of that “just because romance”. You spend time getting to know each other and dates are an easy way to build communication and learn and grow in love. Unfortunately, more often than not, as the relationship progresses, particularly into marriage, the just because romance tends to slow down, or even stop altogether. In some studies, as few as 18% of married couples still have a frequent date night. It is easy to get caught up in careers, life changes, and hauling kids to all of their activities. Whatever the reason may be, the relationship, more often than not, is what gets neglected. 

 Date night may look different for each couple based on the season of life you are in. While a weekly date night may not be realistic for everyone, especially once small children are involved, it is very important to be intentional about keeping the love alive. Date nights increase and encourage communication and intimacy. It is more of a state of mind rather than an activity. Date nights show your partner you care about spending time with them and are willing to put the busy schedule aside to pour into your relationship. Frequent date nights have also proven to increase desire for commitment, decreasing probability of divorce. That alone should get you googling “Date night ideas in Lafayette”! Some other reasons to make date nights a priority include:

  • It reduces stress
  • Builds attachment
  • Having fun!
  • Increased communication
  • Increased intimacy 

 Not Your Typical Date Night

 We now understand how powerful and important dating your partner can be, but how do you keep it fresh and exciting? Dinner and a movie is always great, but the same date night routine over and over again can take away from the overall purpose. Bougie Bar encourages you to have fun and try new things. Some unique date night ideas include: 

 -A night out dancing
-A weekend Getaway
-Driving to a nearby city for dinner
-Sporting events
-Games: Bowling, Golf, Pool, or something one of you is particularly interested in.
-DIY Projects - like Bougie Bar’s candle making experience.

 Bougie Bar provides a very fun and unique date night opportunity where you can drink wine, relax and make candles. Simply book your reservation, show up with wine and snacks, choose your scent and enjoy a guided candle making evening. We are conveniently located in downtown Lafayette so you can pair your perfect candle making experience with an extended date night after dinner or stroll out on the town. Book your social or private party here.

 In Celebration of National Couples Day, Bougie Bar is offering a one time offer BOGO Date Night Package for Wednesday, August 18th at 7pm. We invite you to come celebrate with us.