Bring the Fun to Office Birthday's

Bring the Fun to Office Birthday's

Co-workers: they are easily some of our favorite people.  They are the ones that we spend more time around than our families, but so rarely do we get to see them out of the office or off of zoom. It is not uncommon for those you work closest to, to also become some of your closest friends. Making sure that you can actually celebrate each other’s birthdays or meet out of your office building, especially for parties, can take a bit of planning. Luckily for you, one thing we are never short on (besides wicks and wax) are phenomenal birthday party ideas. While it may take a little bit of planning to make sure your colleagues’ schedules match up, it is worth it to make the extra effort of celebrating alongside each other.

Find Activities to Break the Ice
Sometimes it can be a challenge to ensure co-workers aren’t intimidated talking outside the office, especially if the boss is present. Getting a little creative can make your colleagues feel more comfortable and at ease. The best thing to do is to find an activity to base your celebration around: go-karts, movies, or a fun craft activity -- such as making authentic candles. It’s always easier to loosen up when you are concentrating on an activity as opposed to sitting at a dinner table, struggling to find conversation.  

Decorate the Office
Is there anything as surprising as walking in to your office all decked out in party decorations? We don’t think so.  Surprise the birthday boy or girl by sprucing up their office with balloons, streamers, confetti, and banners. There are endless ideas on pinterest, such as this example.

Sugar and Spice
A birthday simply isn’t a birthday if cake isn’t involved. Don’t make this mistake when planning a celebration for your co-worker. If you want to spice it up and make it extra special, there are so many local dessert shops that offer mini cakes or mini pies. This allows everyone in the cubicle to partake in a special treat. If you’re celebrating outside the office, it’s always a great idea to offer a birthday drink to go along with that piece of cake.

Food Never Fails
Speaking of cake, nothing says “We appreciate you on your birthday” than offering a meal for your celebrating co-worker. This simple method never fails. You can make it unique by making it a breakfast meal or picnic lunch; either way, your colleague is sure to feel the love with a special paid meal. 

Offer Time Off
If you’re the boss, one idea that is gaining speed with many companies is offering a paid day off on their birthday. If that’s too tough to swing, maybe offer a half-day off, or take them off of phone duty for the day. This can be the best present an employee could receive and it will be sure to increase company morale by tenfold.

Happy Hour
If your business or place of employment allows it, consider throwing a surprise happy hour. It can be as simple as having some beer and wine right before closing time, or as complicated as homemade pina coladas.

Instant Birthday Experiences at the Bougie Bar
If you’re planning on hosting an office birthday party, your focus should only be on getting everyone to the same venue--leave the rest of the details to us. It can be challenging to create an unassuming and easy-going atmosphere when all your work buddies are involved, but this is our specialty. We’re located in the perfect atmosphere of downtown Lafayette, so you can easily let the party continue long after your wax has cooled. With a spirited environment of relaxation and entertainment (and drinking spirits), we can guarantee your experience will be reminisced about at the water cooler and beyond. Chat with our team, and we’ll start planning your phenomenal birthday office party.