10 Simple Gift Ideas Everyone Will Love

10 Simple Gift Ideas Everyone Will Love

It’s that time of year where people find themselves scrambling to find gifts for loved ones or for secret Santa at the office. Your typical “roam the aisles” shopping method for small gift ideas that catch your eye are less attractive this year. Although you may be celebrating from afar, a simple gift can let loved ones know you appreciate them and are thinking of them this holiday season. If you are at a complete loss as to what to get everyone, this post is for you! We’ve put together a list of 10 simple gift ideas that everyone will love. 


Of course candles would make the Bougie Bar holiday gift idea list! Candles are a small, inexpensive, thoughtful gift that keeps on giving. Candles not only smell amazing, but they change the entire atmosphere in a room, set the mood, and even have the ability to bring people together. Everyone loves a good quality candle, and your loved one or office secret Santa will be no exception. 


Cards may seem like an impersonal gift, but the right card with the right messaging is something people cherish for a lifetime. You would be surprised at the number of cards that are sitting in drawers or in baskets of collected holiday cards from over the years that are saved and even put on display each year. Adding a family photo or a handwritten message or getting creative and making your own card can make your gift extra special. Of course, the best perk of cards for gifts are the price! 

Wine Glasses

Who doesn’t love sitting back and enjoying a glass of wine?! If your gift recipient is a wine lover, there are some fun affordable wine glasses that will make a perfect gift. Bougie Bar offers some unique wine glasses & tumblers including some Jumbo wine glasses that can hold a full bottle of wine!

Fun Desk Supplies

If your gift is for a co-worker or a loved one known for their love of their job, fun office desk supplies are a great gift idea. From digital photo frames, to fun custom mouse pads, and even slightly inappropriate sticky notes, the options are limitless for desk supplies. 

A night out with DIY projects

This item may not be best for the “Small” gift idea but it is still an affordable, fun idea that everyone will love. Schedule a night out at Bougie Bar or some other DIY crafty event that allows you to kick back with your loved one and make something! At Bougie Bar, we offer the perfect candle making experience - so not only will your recipient get to take home a custom made candle with the scent they choose, but they get to have a fun night out with you! Get your Bougie Bar Gift Card here. 

Phone Accessories

In a world where Zoom calls have become a normal means of communication for both work and pleasure, phone accessories like an adjustable cell phone stand would make an excellent holiday gift. Other phone accessory ideas include cases, screen protectors, built in charger keychains and more.

Fun Socks

You probably rolled your eyes at this one. People don’t exactly get super excited about socks these days BUT it's going to be a very cold winter and there are customizable sock options now that open up an opportunity for this one to make the list. Put your face on your boyfriend's socks, your coworkers favorite sports team, or get creative stamping socks with something your recipient knowingly loves. Both practical and humorous, socks can truly make a good gift.

Throw Blankets

This gift is likely geared more towards the women in your life. There is something about curling up on the couch with a glass of wine, a movie and a nice warm blanket that every woman loves. You can never have enough throw blankets - and trending now are weighted blankets that not only keep you warm but help you sleep better and are proving to reduce anxiety.

Baked Goods

When in doubt, get in the kitchen and make some baked goods! Holiday treats are an item loved by all. If baking is something you love to do, it can be a relaxing, inexpensive way to show your loved ones you appreciate them. 

Gift Cards

Gift cards are an easy go to if you are at a complete loss for what to get someone. Coffee gift cards, gift cards to their favorite book store or even just a plain VISA gift card that allows them the freedom to purchase anything they desire. People actually appreciate being able to buy things they truly want and your gift card will be a wonderful contribution to that self gift. 

We hope these 10 gift ideas will spark your thinking and lead to the perfect gift for your loved ones this holiday season. We are open every Tuesday and Thursday from 3-7pm if you’d like to browse our wide selection of gifts and find the perfect one for that special someone in your life.

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